Beachouse Furniture

Our Story

Beachouse Furniture is a 100% Australian; family owned and operated business based in Yamba, Northern NSW.

The Team & their responsibilities:


- Mr. Warren Gould: -        Managing Director, Designing & hand-crafting furniture

- Mrs. Sue Gould: -            Director & Secretary, artistic design input

Warren:- over 35 years experience as a Craftsman Boat builder (Craftsman Certificate number  A72/6773 dated 3rd March 1977) and also has extensive experience & a background in Home Design & Construction, Business / Project & Development Management.

Our primary goal is to provide uniquely designed, practical, one- off hand crafted furniture with a tropical, creative feel …… all made with love, quality materials and with a quality finish.

My husband Warren is a dedicated and hardworking man, who has longed to be able to share his unique trade skills and beautiful craftsmanship, to design and build creative, artistic and functional pieces, for anyone who appreciates fine timber work. He takes pride in his work and makes sure every piece is carefully finished to his very high standards. We love to work together on the creative ideas, colours and patterns of each piece, and with my primary school teacher background and with a love of art and craft; we compliment and help each other. We hope you enjoy browsing our website, and hope that you see something that will compliment your decor and work well in your home. Please know that each piece has been a joy to make and that we would be very proud to have our furniture/artwork in your home. Thanks for choosing to have a look at our website.

Cheers, Sue Gould

All materials are assessed and sourced (as much as possible) to provide the best outcome of the finished product with issues taken into account such as: -

-       Environmental impact regarding harvesting of materials for any of our products

-       Certification of materials & compliance of the necessary Australian Standards

-       N.B. as all products are handmade, there will always be some very minor imperfections / variations

Special orders are welcome, just contact us with your design brief:

-       Discuss and revise a process for design / materials to be used

-       Supply of a fixed quote

-       Delivery organised by customer or pick up available

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