Beachouse Furniture

BHF #14

Name: Coffee Table with Turtle Inlay  

FOR SALE - POA please Contact Us or call Warren on 0408 462 538

Timber Turtle Inlay, comprising of:

  • Traditional Teak Yacht decking, 40 mm & 65 mm and all rebated for marine Sikaflex caulking
  • Red Mahogany body & frame surround
  • Silver Ash Flippers
  • Legs in Silky Oak 90 x 90
  • Supporting frame in 2” x 1” /  42mm x 19mm in Tasmanian Oak
  • External Horizontal Border in Tasmanian Oak
  • External Vertical Border / frame is in Red Mahogany
  • 115 pieces of individually – all hand cut, fitted and glued, took approximately 4 weeks to make.

-       FOR SALE

This definitely is a “one off design” and you will not see another one like it in the world………

-       Specifications:

  • Length:             1050 mm
  • Wide:                725 mm
  • High:                420 mm
  • Weight:             25 Kg Plus freight packing

-       Applications:

  • Home owners, Renovators, Builders, Architects or Interior Designers
  • Residential Entry or Main Floor show piece
  • Commercial – business or office foyer, waiting rooms etc.

-       To Order another one in a similar style:

  • Lead Time for making – 15 to 20 working days

-       Options:

  • Can be made with a different timber surround – (on application & discussion to what is available)

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