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Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope you had a happy and safe time. I have been meaning to write way before this, but…..of course it’s the silly season and family must come first.

Recently Waz and I drove from our sons places in Brisbane, back through some amazing land formations in the ranges behind the Gold Coast , to visit our timber supplier at Old Bonalbo. It was like a little adventure through some spectacular scenery. I took a few pics to show you our beautiful area. No wonder the timber we source from this pristine countryside is sooooo beautiful !!!

Firstly we headed out through an area that seemed to have dozens of horse studs. There were white fences for miles. Then, as we wound our way up through the tablelands, we found the flora was changing to rainforest and the temperature was dropping. It was beautiful. Suddenly, as we drove around a bend,  Mt Lindsey appeared in all her glory ! (The picture through the car window doesn’t really do it justice. Haha)




As we came down slowly through the mountains the views were spectacular. Then as we found Old Bonalbo we were greeted along the country roads by some very brave cows and calves who were very curious to check us out, as were we to them! The new calves were so white and clean looking, and sooo cute awww !



We found Terry from Tex Timbers, our eco-friendly timber-getter, (with that amazing knowledge of timber that can only be learnt from experience), and we wandered around his timber yards on the farm with our mouths open in awe of the natural smells and rustic splendour of the giant slabs of raw timber he showed us.(And the rustic smell of and polka dancing through the cow pats …haha – loved it !) We picked out some beautiful silky oak slabs and a piece of camphor laurel. Terry and Jayden kindly delivered it to us at Yamba on their way to the Yamba markets the next day.  Terry’s knowledge and love of timber has been an inspiration to us, and he is so encouraging and positive about what we are doing at Beachouse Furniture ! Thanks Terry and Kristie.

As we made our way toward Casino we drove through an amazing area of tall white timbers. They were so tall that we couldn’t see where they started and we couldn’t see where they ended in the sky !! They were straight and white like gigantic white pencils stuck in the ground, with beautiful ferns and palms growing at their feet. As we travelled further we passed through several palm groves, and many areas of huge tree ferns, which had obviously been there for hundreds of years. Spectacular !!


To be continued………….

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