Beachouse Furniture

In the beginning……..

Well here we go !!! This is my first Blog yewwww.

It’s time to have a chat and tell you all about us so that you understand where we are coming from with these amazing pieces of art/ furniture. We have been looking forward to starting this business for a fair few years now. My wonderful husband Warren has been planning and setting up his workshop, sourcing beautiful timbers and sketching designs, (ps and waking up through the night thinking of new ideas !!!) in order to begin what is a life long dream. That love of timber gets into your veins and it is something you realise you have a love for. Warren’s background in boat building assured him of that. I have many times watched him smooth his hands over a piece of timber or something he is making and look along it to see if it is plumb and balanced. (ahh sounds wonderful haha) I also have a deep understanding of this. I was brought up around timber too. My dad was, and still is an amazing builder and carpenter and of my two brothers, one is also a builder/carpenter and the other an industrial arts/woodwork teacher, so I also grew up with the smell of timber in the air. I love the smell of freshly sawn timber. I love the feel of freshly planed timber and when Warren and I see beautiful pieces of timber work, wherever we are, we both have to feel it to make that incredible connection. It’s an appreciation, and a view that something natural and earthy can also become beautiful and useful at the same time ! Well…. that was deep hey ?? haha

Hopefully you have had a look at our website. I have to say that even though the photos are beautiful, thanks to the Glovemeister and our beautiful Shan, they really don’t do them justice. Seeing is believing and you must see, feel and walk around them to admire the craftsmanship, elegance and functionality of each piece. We need to get word out about our new business, so we are having a 25% off Sale during December.  

Cheers Sue


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